Window Tint Perth

window tint perth

Window Tint Perth

Safeguard your windows with our premium graffiti resistant film and window tinting services. At Climatic Solutions we provide a number of quality window tint products to improve the security and aesthetic value of your windows. Our highly effective anti-graffiti film prevents criminals from permanently damaging commercial or residential properties. We also offer tints to improve the visual appearance of your home or workplace, while providing privacy and sun protection.

Tinted windows

Climatic Solutions offer high quality window tinting services throughout Perth. We provide a night series range of tints, which allows you to enjoy outdoor views 24 hours a day. During daylight hours, our tints let you look outside, while preventing others from looking in. At nighttime, our tints reduce internal reflections, so you can clearly see outside. The benefits of having your windows tinted by Climatic Solutions include:

  • Heat Rejection up to 79%
  • Excellent day time privacy
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Dramatically reduce glare
  • Blocking UV Rays up to 99%
  • Protecting home furnishings from sun damage
  • Adding aesthetic value to your home

Graffiti resistant film

At Climatic Solutions, we sell and install the best anti-graffiti film in Perth. Our films are an extremely cost-effective alternative to repeatedly replacing glass in offices and residences that frequently experience graffiti. We also offer a diverse range of decorative safety films to improve the visual appeal of your property. Our designs are exceptionally diverse and flexible. At Climatic Solutions, our talented team can also create customized graphics and logos to advertise your business.

Call Climatic Solutions for our quality tints and films

Contact our highly capable and approachable team at Climatic Solutions to book or enquire about our anti-graffiti film and tinting services for your windows. Call us on 0411 415 783 and ask us about our interest free payment plans and guarantees for clients in Perth.